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By Lobbytroll


Anti-vax group The Hastings Pillow Fighters have rebranded themselves as The Shamanic institute for the institution of Shamanic Research (UK), and I must say their whole campaign has taken on a much slicker and more professional look…

A Dave in the Life

By David

Got into work yesterday, and because it was a Sunday, I had a couple of different routes I didn’t know, which was not ideal in the snow, but hey ho…

Reconnecting With Our Wild Nature

By Tom

My partner and I spent a weekend camping at Knepp Castle Estate and, in short, it was incredible. The wind and rain battered our little red tent all night. It held up ok; we got a bit wet, but we didn’t care too much.

Sally-Ann Hart Kills Kids for Fun

By Alan

Monsters are never just monsters. Zombies are never just zombies, and vampires are never just vampires. Every cult horror trope is successful precisely because it strikes a dreadfully important symbolic note…